Season 2 Episode 7 Krampus

12/06/12 Season 2 PG D, L
Tessa's Storyline: George nailed Tessa’s Christmas present this year: two spa packages to a hotel in NYC. He’s gifting her time with her mom in her favorite city. Tessa couldn’t be more excited for the trip, but it doesn’t pan out quite like she envisioned it. While spending time with her mom is nice, she really just misses her dad. She cuts the trip a little short and goes home to spend Christmas with him.

Ryan's Storyline: In more interesting Chatswin news, Ryan finds out he’s adopted. Some guy at the photo store caught wind of the news and spilled the beans. Ryan reacts violently by jumping on the Shay family car and ripping off his shirt. He runs off into the wild, totally confused about his identity.

On her way home from the city, Lisa begs Tessa to retrieve Ryan. Tessa can relate to growing up without birthparents, so she talks to him. After getting personal, Tessa admits she has a crush on him and they kiss. Ryan’s ecstatic and, feeling on top of the world, returns to his family. 

Dalia's Storyline: The only thing Dalia wants this Christmas is Carmen. She even makes a music video asking her former nanny to return.

Shockingly, Carmen is missing the Royce family, too. Noah’s wife has been treating Carmen poorly, so she’s fed up. After pulling some strings, George plays Santa and gets Carmen under the Christmas tree. Dalia couldn’t be more thrilled and she actually smiles. It’s a Christmas miracle.

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