Season 2 Episode 8 Black Thai

01/10/13 Season 2 PG

The Shay's Storyline: Ryan has been living with Malik’s family and adopted a new identity, “Eugene Goldfarb.” So, there’s only one reasonable thing for the Shays to do: kidnap Malik and exchange him for Ryan. At the exchange location, AKA Malik’s house, they end up staying over for dinner and leaving empty-handed. Luckily, Ryan comes to the realization that his former parents love him, so he comes home. Also, he really misses the chocolate pudding Sheila used to make for him.

Tessa and Dalia's Storyline: Tessa and Dalia have just finished taking the daunting SATs. Dalia brags that she finished early, but it’s only because she filled in all the bubbles really quickly. Dallas, being the supportive mom that she is, rewards Dalia with expensive gifts. Of course, Tessa can’t stand that Dalia would be rewarded for her actions, so she tries to make her feel bad. An upset Dalia knows there’s only way to resolve a conflict: a hip-hop dance-off.  The competition gets fierce, but it all hits the fan when Dallas and George dance-off each other over their parenting techniques. Dalia and Tessa come to their senses and share that sense with their parents. 

Mr. Wolfe and the Werners' Storyline: Meanwhile, Noah and Jill ask Mr. Wolfe to tutor their six-month old son, Opus, so he can get into a good preschool. At first, Mr. Wolfe insists he’s not taking on new clients, but one look at Opus’s “facey-face face,” and Mr. Wolfe opens his arms. After a vigorous exam on Opus’s capabilities, Noah and Jill receive the devastating results: their son is progressing averagely. But don't despair. Maybe his looks will make up for an average brain.

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