Season 2 Episode 10 Chinese Chicken

01/24/13 Season 2 PG D, L

Story 1: After Ryan and Tessa publicly announce they're a couple, Tessa is shown the ropes of being a football player's girlfriend.

Memorable Quotes

Amber: "No one in their wildest dreams expected you to snag a football player. It would be like that runner with no legs winning the Olympics."

Ryan: "Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Amber's trained some of the best football girlfriends in the field."
Tessa: "You should put that on your college application."
Amber: "Why would I go to college? I’ve already found my future husband."

Joan: [Picking up a ringing phone] "Let's go, Derek! Way to dial that phone, baby!"
Amber: "Good phone answer, Joan!"

Lisa: "There is very little pep at this rally."
Tessa: "I might have had one of my soapbox incidents. Yeah, I kinda liberated the girls from their servitude and unintentionally empowered them."


Story 2: Feeling a little suffocated in his relationship with Dallas, George starts a band with Noah and Fred. Then George accidentally stumbles upon Sheila's talent for singing, which breaks up the band.

Memorable Quotes

Fred: [Regarding Noah] "He’s like an eagle... with arms. And two legs. With a monkey’s face. He’s like a monkey." 

AJ: "Wake up, Dallas! The '60s are over!"

Fred: [To George] "If you love Sheila so much why don’t you marry her?! [Under his breath] ...Please don’t..."

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