Season 2 Episode 12 Body Talk

02/07/13 Season 2 TV-PG D, L
Story 1: Tessa becomes a producer on Chatswin High's TV show Teen Talk, which quickly becomes Body Talk starring Ryan Shay.

Memorable Quotes

Lisa (to Tessa): "I always knew that someday Ryan would be the star of a call-in show about his body. I just—I didn't think you'd be the one producing it. To be honest, I always thought it'd be Seacrest.

'Body Talk' Caller: "It's pretty warm out, can you tell us how your body does in the heat?"
Ryan: "Yes! Absolutely, that's a great question, I actually get that one a lot. I need to stay hydrated, to keep my body hydrated. Now, when I want to get hydrated, I like to drink stuff through my mouth."

Ryan: "What are you trying to say?"
Tessa: "What I'm trying to say is, you are fired!"
Ryan: "Well if you're trying to say that, congratulations, 'cause you just said it to me!"

Mr. Wolfe: "The ratings went down 24. That means we got a 1. You lost Chef Alan. And when you've lost Chef Alan, you've lost America."

Story 2: Dallas is kicked out of the Chatswin Country Club and Dalia is sent to East Chatswin High after George discovers part of their property is in East Chatswin.

Memorable Quotes

Dallas: "Oh my gosh, George, you're like the Joy Behar of cabana design."

Dallas: "Think of all the cabana parties I can now throw. And think of all the cabana boys I can employ. You know I love to employ people, George."
George: "Would you consider employing a balcony?"
Dallas: "Well who in their right mind wouldn't want a balcony? That's like asking if you want fries with that. The answer is always, always yes."

Dalia: "Everyone at my new school is tanner than me. They act like I'm not tan enough to be going there."
Dallas: "That's ridiculous. No one should ever be judged by how deep their tan is."
Dalia: "I know, right? I just wish they could look beyond the color of my tan and see the content of my closet. Because I have really nice stuff in my closet, you know?"

Dallas: "Maybe being ostracized by our community and driven out of our home was a blessing in disguise."
Dalia: "Yeah. It's a good disguise Mommy."
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