Season 2 Episode 15 Leaving Chatswin

02/28/13 Season 2 TV-PG D, L
Story 1: George and Noah are upset after Steam Room Marty passes away.

George: "You're kidding!"
Marty: "I'm not a kidder."
George: "Why not?"
Marty: "Ah, my parents never joked."

Noah (to George, after Marty is wheeled out of the steam room on a stretcher): "There's nothing you could've done, buddy. Marty is schvitzing in the Big Steam Room in the Sky."

George (at Marty's memorial): "As touching as Dalia's tribute was, I'm not sure they ever even met."
Dalia: "We didn't."

Noah (looking in Marty's locker at the club): "Foot powder, tooth powder, medicated powder...who knew that Marty was a man of this many powders. Now, ironically he himself is a powder."

George: "Fatima, I'm sorry but we have some sad news. I'm afraid it's Marty. He's passed away. "
Fatima: "Who?"
George: "Marty?"
Noah: "Old guy?"
George: "Bald?"
Noah: "Frowned a lot?"

Dalia: "Marty's death got me thinking, Evan. And in this crazy meshuga world, you'd
have to be a schmendrick not to know your bashert when you meet them."
Evan: "Dalia, did you learn Yiddish for me?"
Dalia: "I don't care if your abba has an aneurysm. I want you. Bad."

Story 2: Tessa and Ryan start to think about the future when colleges start pursuing Ryan to play football.

Tessa: "You think you know somebody. You wear their letterman jacket, you put your tongue on top of their tongue and you move it around, only to find out that they are a lying liar, who lies their lies directly to your face!"

Lisa: "Look, I know how you feel. I experienced the same sense of betrayal when I found out the real deal about high-fructose corn syrup. I mean, sugar is sugar, am I right?"

Ryan: "Damn this perfect body! Life would be so much simpler if I were soft and misshapen like you, Lisa."
Lisa: "The Lord has given you a gift. You have a perfect body, that's your cross to bear. Mine's that I'm a lady in the street and a freak in the bed."

Ryan: "Tessa, I don't want to scare you off by bringing up the 'L' word, so I'm just going to say that I love you, I'm in love with you, and I love loving you."
Tessa: "Wait, which 'L' word were you talking about?"
Ryan: "Leaving."

Lisa: "I feel really bad that I lied to you, Tessa, about where Ryan was. So I made you this apology cake."
Tessa: "Wow. Thanks, it looks delicious."
Lisa: "Oh it's not, my mom stopped keeping sugar in the house so I had to use cumin. So I guess I'm sorry about two things."

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