Season 2 Episode 19 Decemberfold

04/03/13 Season 2 TV-PG
Story 1: George's Model Behavior

George becomes obsessed with being Mr. December in the annual 'Dads of Chatswin' charity calendar.

Memorable Quotes:

Dallas: "Honestly, can you imagine George dressed in hot pants and holding an ax?"
Javier: "I mean, you just put the image in my head, so, yes I can."

George: "Excuse me, sir, do you have a printout of the calorie count for these entrees?"
Waiter: "We most certainly do not."
George: "Oh--ok, well can you at least ask the kitchen how much butter they intend to put in this pan-seared salmon? I mean, you think you're ordering something healthy because it's a fish and then by the time they sneak all that butter in there, you've got this like--"
Waiter: "I'll go check on the undercover butter agenda."

Dallas: "George, what's up? You just seem a little…annoying."
George: "I'm just trying to shred up, you know? I've got my big photo shoot in a couple of days, so."

Fred: "This is it. Moments from now, I'll know whether or not I'm too sexy for my shirt. Which I suspect I am not."
Noah: "It's only because it's a pretty sexy shirt."
Fred: "Well thank you. It's rayon!"


Story 2: The Dalia Factor
When Jenna Werner comes back to Chatswin for a visit, Dalia is suddenly nice to Tessa and Lisa makes it her mission to find out why.

Memorable Quotes:

Jenna: "Dalia. Haven't you died of syphilis yet?"
Dalia: "Are you calling me a slut?"
Jenna (to Tessa): "I'm actually impressed she got the inference."
Dalia: "I didn't. But greasy losers usually call girls like me sluts."

Lisa: "I'm actually a little nervous about open mic night, I mean, a cappella scatting is pretty much the rawest form of human expression there is."
Dalia: "I know."

Lisa: "Dalia Royce is not nice. She's a warped, broken, sociopath…do you think she liked my song?"
Dalia: "So I guess you want the true-true, as they say in my favorite movie Cloud Atlas featuring Tom Hanks playing like 17 different roles."
Lisa: "I'm just trying to protect you, Tessa. You don't get it, ok? Dalia is dangerous and I understand her in a way that you never will. She and I are both on the dark side of the Force and you're Boba Fett. I think. I don't know anything about Star Wars."
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