Season 2 Episode 22 Stray Dogs

04/17/13 Season 2 TV-PG D, L
Story 1: Tessa Moves Out
George's decision to blend families with her nemesis Dalia sends Tessa packing. When her grandma isn't able to take her in, Tessa seeks refuge in her stall at the school restroom. Malin Akerman guest stars as Tessa's mom, Alex.

Memorable Quotes:

Tessa (serving Lisa instant mac & cheese in the restroom while complaining about parents) : "Do they not realize that we are almost adults? They can't just tell us how it's gonna be anymore!"
"And we're not just gonna choke down a cup of undercooked neon-colored noodles just to avoid hurting some homeless woman's feelings!"

Tessa (on running into her mom Alex at the Chatswin train station)
: "For someone who was never around, she showed up at just the right time."


Story 2: One Big Happy Family?
George tries to buy Dallas the house of her dreams, but their differences in opinion has her questioning whether he is actually in love with her or if he has merely learned to love her. Soon Dallas brings Dalia's dad, Steven (guest star Jah Mohr), back into her life to pull her daughter away from George, but Dalia reveals she genuinely loves George as a daddy.

Memorable Quotes:

George: "What kind of couch would you put in a leather living room?"
Dallas: "Me? I'd probably do a marble sectional."

Dallas (to George): "Did you see that lighting fixture? It was rustic meets sparkly. It was the perfect representation of us."

Steven: "You leave my daughter alone!"
George: "I thought that was your job."


Story 3: The Chatswin Father-Daughter Purity Ball
Sheila attempts to restore decency to Chatswin by hosting the Father-Daughter Purity Ball, where she hopes that Lisa will be crowned queen.

Memorable Quotes:

Sheila: "The Father-Daughter Purity Ball: This is our chance to restore decency to Chatswin, to take our daughters gently by the weave and say, 'Slow down, you little ratchet.'"

Mr. Wolfe: "Do the girls have to be pure to attend, because I'm not showing any virgins currently enrolled here."
Sheila: "Oh, I think we have at least one, but I'm not here to boast about Lisa's late blooming."

Shelia: "The times, they have a-changed, and it is up to us to a-change them back!"

Fred: "My first time was with a girl I wasn't really in love with. And although I grew to care deeply for your mother, there are times I wish I'd trained with someone a bit more tender."

Sheila: "No female role model has the last name Minaj!"

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