Season 3 Episode 2 Victor Ha

01/22/14 Season 3 TV-14
Story 1: Fred and Sheila's Empty Nest Syndrome

With Ryan away at college, Fred and Sheila decide they're battling empty nest syndrome. They abandon plans for a couple's retreat to the Catskills when they pass a foster child fair. Lisa is shocked when they return home early with a new member of the family, Victor Ha!
Memorable Quotes:

Lisa: "Wait a minute! I have tried to discuss Bionicles at this dinner table for years, and it was forbidden."
Sheila: "Victor makes it sound more interesting than you did. Victor knows how to frame a story."
Fred: "Plus, you never mentioned the Shadow Leeches, Lisa! If there are Shadow Leeches, you lead with Shadow Leeches!"

Story 2: Dalia and Daddy Altman

Dalia tries to stay friends with George after his break-up with Dallas, but Tessa is not happy about it. 

Memorable Quotes:

Dallas: "Dalia, this hunger strike cannot persist."
Dalia: "Sorry, Mommy. Every since you and Daddy Altman broke up, I just haven't had an appetite."
Dallas: "Heed this, Dalia: you will undergo nourishment even if I have to ingest, digest, and straght retch this egg dish into your mouth like a Ruby-throated Hummingbird."

Dalia: "And I told Kimantha she was doing it wrong, but she wouldn't listen. Hair feathers are super complicated. And now she looks like a duck."

Tessa (reading Dallas's note) "'See ya, wouldn't want to be ya'? That's a '90s diss. Hey! Dallas, that's a '90s diss."
Dallas: "So is your face!"
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