Season 3 Episode 4 The Birds and the Biederman

02/05/14 Season 3 TV-14

STORY 1: Dallas and George enlist Dalia and Tessa to negogtiate how they will divide up Chatswin after the breakup.

Deli Counter Attendant: "Can I help you?"
Dallas: "Oh, I can damn sure help myself. Except when it comes to Lacey Swiss. Half a pound, please."

George: "I've never tweeted about [Dallas], I'm not even on Twitter!"
Tessa: "Actually, Noah set up a parody account called @TheRealGeorgeAltman. It's blue, but pretty entertaining stuff."

Tessa: "Maybe the two of them running into each other would be for the best. Get it over with, and then we can all get back to our lives."
Dalia: "Yeah. Even though you don't have one."

Tessa: "Apparently Dallas saw you at the dog park today and she's claiming that's her territory."
George: "Her territory? What, that is insane. I can't believe she felt the need to resort to cartography just to avoid running into me."

STORY 2: Fred is worried that Sheila doesn't love him anymore.

Sheila: "Fred! I still have my blazer on, ok? That means I'm in work mode. I need a second to decompress before I can start hearing about who's high priestess and who's nearing the end of their fertility cycle."

STORY 3: Tessa is jealous when Lisa starts spending a lot of time with Ryan's new girlfriend, June.

Lisa: "Don't look, she's about to give birth to a crocodile!"
Tessa: "Thanks! Thank you, for ruining the ending, and also, for taking a giant croc on our friendship."

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