Season 3 Episode 5 Blame It on the Rainstick

02/26/14 Season 3 TV-PG

STORY 1: When Noah is released from a court mandated anger management program, George is shocked to find a docile Noah has replaced his former hot-headed friend. Shaken by the change, George decides to put the new Noah to the test.

Noah: "But I don't hate. Not anymore."
George: "Sorry, I'm not buying it. There are way too many things that enrage you."
Noah: "Not anymore."
George: "Yeah? Pomegranates."
Noah: "Worth the effort."
George: "Ted Danson dating Whoopi Goldberg."
Noah: "The heart wants what it wants."
George: "The sequel to Bring It On."
Noah: "...Was entitled Bring It On Again. And happily so, it got the job done!"

STORY 2Tessa ditches her “Senior Tanning” class and meets a cool New Age band hanging out at the park. But, the free-spirited music group isn’t exactly what they appear to be.

Tessa: "Lisa, if you want to be a half-tan sheep in a full-tan flock, go for it. But me? I'm marching to the beat of a different drummer: Luke. That's my band's drummer."

: "Wha-! First off, if you're implying that I harbor a tenderness for ya, you are sorely mistaken. And secondly, I don't appreciate your 'air quotes.' And 'all' that they 'imply.'"
George: "Incorrect use of air quotes."
Dallas: "Incorrect use of your mama!"

Tessa: "A charismatic leader? No outside friendships? Matching white outfits, and made-up names that rhyme with the exception of 'Luke'? How could I have missed it? I didn't join a band, I joined a cult!"

Lisa: "Look, I know that things got really real in the bathroom between us. "
Tessa: "What? What are you talking about?"
Lisa: "The fight. But I just want you to know that I put our friendship above all else. So if Muhammad won't tan at the mountain, the mountain will play in the band with Muhammad."
Tessa: "Lisa, this is a cult and they're going to kill you. They're going to kill you, they told me they want to kill you."

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