Season 3 Episode 6 ABOUT A BOY-YOI-YOING

03/05/14 Season 3 TV-PG D

STORY 1: When George becomes enamored with Chatswin’s latest hotspot, a juice bar, Tessa reminds him of their pact to not get sucked into Chatswin culture. This inspires George and Fred to take a trip to New York, which doesn’t turn out the way George had planned.

Fred: "We can bro down til the cows come home! By which I mean Sheila. By which I mean, she has big and tender brown eyes. Please don't tell Sheila I called her a cow."

Fred: "Right now, there's only one A Pressed Nation. But their dream is to have A Pressed Nations all over the world!"
George: "Well, we can all dream."

Tessa: "What happened to our...everything else?"
George: "I got rid of it. To make room for the juice!"

Tessa: "What? You joined a club? I thought we weren't doing that!"
George: "No, it's not a club. It's just an opportunity for people who live in certain zip codes to get privileges that aren't available--Crap! I joined a club. I wasn't supposed to do that!"

Fred: "Don't have to ask me once! I am in!"
George: "I don't think you're ready for the mean streets of Manhattan."
Fred: "Nonsense. If Crocodile Dundee could acclimate..."
George: "Ok, but we're not going to be doing any touristy stuff."
Fred: "Nor would I want to. Let me just grab my poncho, my traveler's checks, and my walking stick!"

Fred: "I just got mugged! I love this town!"

STORY 2: Tessa is pressured into attending Evan’s pirate-themed birthday party and reveals what she really thinks of him.

Tessa: "Just because I don't want to go to Evan's party doesn't make me a hater. Parties are optional. Right?"
Lisa: "Dammit, I think she got us on that one. Parties are optional."

Waitress: "Hi, can I start you guys off with an Adam Sandler roll?"
Lisa: "Is it any good?"
Waitress: "It's super popular. But no."

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