Kendall Quinn

Played by Kate Jenkinson


Kendall is a tall, blonde and very attractive lawyer who has a thing for Richard. She and Kimmie are "frenemies" who've known each other since college.


Australian actress Kate Jenkinson has appeared in both comedic and dramatic roles on television, including House Husbands, Offspring, Killing Time and the miniseries The Straits. She also starred in the comedies Bogan Pride and The Wedge, both with Rebel Wilson, and has guest starred on the series City Homicide, Tangle, Lowdown and Wilfred, among others.

Jenkinson has also appeared on stage in productions of "The Graduate" (Her Majesty's Theatre), "Secret Bridesmaids Business" (Kay & McLean Productions), "Don Juan in Soho" (Melbourne Theater Company) and "Zastrozzi" (Black Swan).

Jenkinson is a graduate of the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).