Kimmie Boubier

Played by Rebel Wilson

For the last 13 years, Kimmie Boubier and her two best friends and roommates, Helen-Alice and Marika, have lived a sheltered life. Instead of going out on the weekends, they've had a standing date every Friday night. So while everyone around them is getting married and moving on, all they have is each other and their "Super Fun Night" tradition.

That is, until junior attorney Kimmie gets a big promotion at her NYC law firm. Kimmie's moving on up at work (literally, to the 28th floor). She also meets handsome British attorney Richard Royce, the son of the firm's senior partner, who she thinks might be attracted to her, especially after he mentions that he likes girls with a "bit of chunk." It seems that suddenly Kimmie's whole life is opening up, but Helen-Alice and Marika are worried she'll leave them behind. Can Kimmie convince them that life isn't just for the pretty and the popular, and that it's time these three friends put themselves out there?


Rebel Wilson has quickly emerged as one of the entertainment industry's go-to young talents. In addition to starring in Super Fun Night, she is also writing and producing the series.

Wilson first broke out with her memorable role as Kristen Wiig's hilarious roommate, Brynn, in Judd Apatow's blockbuster sensation, Bridesmaids. Although her character only had a few scenes, she left audiences everywhere curious and wanting to see more of the young Australian.

Hot off the success of Bridesmaids, Wilson embarked on a number of exciting new projects. In January 2013, her film Bachelorette, also starring Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher, premiered at Sundance. Bachelorette will be released this September through the Weinstein Company, but has already reached No. 1 on iTunes and OnDemand rentals. Her role as Fat Amy in the comedy Pitch Perfect also received critical acclaim. Wilson was last seen in Michael Bay's Pain and Gain, alongside Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson.

As host of the MTV Movie Awards, Wilson also wrote the show, which saw an impressive rise in ratings. She was recently named to UK Glamour's "Women of the Year" and was featured on their cover.