Ep101 Anything for Love

10/03/13 Season 1 TV-PG D, L

Kimmie's eagerness to try new things flags when she learns her next "Super Fun Night" activity with Marika and Helen-Alice is singing at a piano bar, but she agrees to give it a try to overcome her stage fright. Meanwhile, Kendall Quinn, a lawyer at the firm where Kimmie recently got promoted, tries to come between Kimmie and Richard Royce. Richard is the son of the firm's boss, and he recently transferred in from the London office. Kendall shows up uninvited at the piano bar determined to win over Richard and sets her sights on beating Kimmie in the singing competition; Kimmie fights her stage fright to perform but Kendall is victorious.

Helen-Alice: "Kimmie, I know that was traumatic but the rule was, whatever we picked is where we have to go. And following rules is the only thing that separates us from animals."
Kimmie: "That's not true. What about…using wallets?"
Marika (to Helen-Alice): "You just got lawyered."

Derek: "How's your new promotion going? You enjoying life on the twenty-eighth floor?"
Kimmie: "Yeah, it's great."
Derek: "Don't forget about your old chums on the ninth! You know, me and Francis and Rajesh and Shelly…"
Kimmie: "Oh, what about Terri?"
Derek: "Forget about Terri. She's dead to us now."
Kimmie: "Why, what'd she do?"
Derek: "She died."

Kendall: "I'm so glad to finally meet you, Richard. So, tell me, are all the rumors I've heard about you true? Were you really the party boy of the London office?"
Richard: "Me? Ha ha, yes well I was able to pass the bar but unable to pass A bar on the way to work. I'm a changed man now though. Very serious."
Kendall: "I see."
Richard: "You've got quite a reputation yourself, Kendall. People around here call you 'Attorney the Hun,' 'The Grizzly Barrister,' 'Dracu-lawyer,' 'Mean Bitch Lady'…"

Kimmie: "My friends say I have a voice like a one-legged angel. Sometimes shaky, but magical."

Richard: "That's wonderful Kimmie. Staring down your fears. I wish I had your courage."
Kimmie: "Why? What are you afraid of?"
Richard: "Failure. Success. My father's disapproval. Women who wear leopard-skin undergarments. Shark tornadoes. Oversharing."

Helen-Alice: You guys are bitching and moaning about the past! Well, forget about the past. This is... this time! And we have to prove to Kendall and everybody else that we’re tired of getting beat! And we are tired of getting pushed around! And we are tired... (Passes out)
Marika: That drunk little Asian is right. But it's up to you Kimmie. So what's it going to be?"
Kimmie: "Cancel the pizzas, I'm going on… Actually, maybe don't cancel them. We could just leave them with the doorman."

Kendall: "So, Richard, want to celebrate my victory?"
Richard: "Well actually, the girls have invited me back for consolation pizza."
Kendall: "Oh, can I come?"
Richard: "It's consolation pizza Kendall. It's not for winners."

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