Ep104 Engagement Party

10/24/13 Season 1 TV-PG D, L

STORY 1: Kimmie’s life gets a lot more difficult when her mom Pamela takes control of the engagement party Kimmie is planning for her sister Jazmine. Things get even more awkward for Kimmie when Pamela invites Richard to the big event...and she finds out the party has a luau theme and everyone has to wear a bathing suit.

Kimmie: "Marika, you're fully dressed, it's the middle of the night!"
Marika: "Night jogging. Full moon pulls on your head, makes you lighter on your feet."

: "Hey [Richard] is cute! Ooh. British, handsome, small enough to control…why don't you go out with him?"
: "Yeah, he's not interested."
: "Kimmie, if I had taken that attitude when I was your age, I never would've gotten to shag Mandy Patinkin."

Pamela: "What's the big deal? I thought you'd want Richard at the party."
Kimmie: "No! I've been trying to avoid him!"
Pamela: "Why?"
Kimmie: "Because! I thought he liked me. And then, I embarrassed myself, he didn't like me, at all, and now it's super awkward. And I'm going to have to deal with him all night, whilst wearing a bikini!"
Pamela: "You make a very good point, Kimmie."
Kimmie: "Thank you!"
Pamela: "We need to get you a new bathing suit."
Kimmie: "That's your takeaway from this? That I need a new bathing suit?"
Pamela: "Well you can't keep wearing Grandma's forever."

STORY 2: Richard and Kendall face some bumps in the road as they quietly start seeing each other.

Kendall: "So all of this was about a pillow? Ok, that is super weird."
Richard: "Yeah, see, I knew that you would say that."
Kendall: "No, no, no, no, I'm relieved!"
Richard: "You are?"
Kendall: "Yes! I thought this was about me and my cold personality and near total lack of human compassion."
Richard: "No, no, no, I love all those things about you."
Kendall: "Aw Richard. So do I."


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