Victoria Grayson

Played by Madeleine Stowe
Character Biography

Victoria Grayson is the glamorous and powerful matriarch of the Grayson family and the Queen of the Hamptons social scene. And Emily Thorne’s greatest enemy.

As the wife of billionaire Conrad Grayson, she appears to have it all: the perfect husband, children, and home. But these are just the trappings that house a much darker secret – her culpability in the events that destroyed the life of her one true love, David Clarke– Emily Thorne’s father. Wanting to protect the life she had, she let David take the fall for her husband’s crimes, and his little girl Amanda’s childhood was a casualty of that. It’s something Victoria has learned to live with, and something Emily Thorne is making her pay for. Like a violent wave crashing on a beach in Montauk, as soon as Victoria saw Emily Thorne she knew she was trouble. There was just something about her Victoria didn’t trust, and their animosity towards one another could be felt from the Hamptons all the way down to hell itself.

Emily wasn’t Victoria’s only problem that first summer – the revelation that her daughter Charlotte’s biological father was David rather than Conrad, a secret she kept to herself for years, took the Grayson family – and Emily – by storm. With this, Victoria soon filed to divorce Conrad in an attempt to distance herself from the terrible memories they’ve created together. Victoria set a plan in motion to convict Conrad for what he’s done, but it wasn’t without its costs.

Now, after years of being the subject of Emily Thorne’s Revenge-enda, the tables have finally turned. Victoria knows Emily is really Amanda Clarke. Fresh off of an escape from the mental institution that Emily had her committed in, Victoria is out for some revenge of her own. And how she deals with David Clarke’s return-from-the-grave is yet to be seen…

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