Contestant Biography

Age: 24

Occupation: Software Sales Rep.

Hometown: Hudson, OH


Tattoos:Yes, just one on my right hip. It is a half-inch tattoo of the Hawaiian islands.

Favorite Music: Coffee House music like Brett Dennen, Colbie Caillat, Ingrid Michaelson, U2 (reminds me of my Dad), Peter Fox (German singer with amazing fusion music)

All-Time Favorite Movies:My Fair Lady, Count of Monte Cristo, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Cold or Hot Weather?:  I prefer fall weather, so I guess cold because you get to cuddle up close.

Where do you meet guys? I meet guys in the city… at Starbucks…on airplanes. I’m one of those rare people that believes in fate... and always tries to be present. You never know. :)

What is your greatest achievement to date? Working as a waitress for three years part-time to pay for my study abroad in Germany. It was a dream of mine to go, and I’m proud that I made it happen.

What is your cultural background, and how important is it to you? I am half Filipino and half German/Irish/Swiss. It is important to me to be open to trying new things and I would hope to share some traditions.

What is your favorite television show and why? Game of Thrones! Because I’m a closet nerd that loves the deep plot and sexy tension.

I hate it when my date… Curses… picks their nose/overly wipes their nose… breathes heavily… is too protective too soon….gets so cheesy that it seems fake, like, “Here is a leaf on a bush we passed on our first date because I’m a romantic guy.”

If you could be any fruit or vegetable, which would you be? Pomegranate … it’s the forbidden fruit that is complicated to open, but very rewarding, tasty and good for you. Plus it tastes so good!!!  

Do you plan on having kids someday? If yes, how many and why? Yes!!! I would love to have 3 kids, because that’s the perfect amount to fit in a 5-seater car for traveling.


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