5 Reasons You Might Be Upset with Juan Pablo

By Mike Krolak Mar 11, 2014

Sean Teaches Juan Pablo Bachelor Magic|It involves going shirtless. Obviously.|After Juan Pablo teaches Sean how to salsa dance, Sean shows Juan Pablo the magic of whipping your shirt off in the blink of an eye.

In the clip above, former Bachelor Sean Lowe asks Juan Pablo a rather innocuous question before the start of the season: “What's going to be your trademark?” Juan Pablo’s response?

“I like to dance, bro.”

Yes. Yes he does. And between the studio audience at the After the Final Rose special to the fans on Twitter, we’ve noticed that many viewers were a bit peeved at the Bachelor’s ability to dance around the answer to a question. So we went to the tapes and found a handful of moments that suggested -- to paraphrase Clare -- that Juan Pablo may not be the man we thought he was.

5. Is he in love or not?

Is Juan Pablo in Love?|Because he sure won't admit it.|Chris Harrison presses Juan Pablo as to whether or not he's in love -- and meets some pretty fierce resistance, on the "After the Final Rose" episode of The Bachelor.

Host Chris Harrison posed a that very simple question to Juan Pablo, and the Bachelor spoke for nearly 15 minutes on that very topic, but never really answered it. Even the typically unflappable Chris seemed a bit frustrated.

4. He changed his mind a lot.

Juan Pablo Confronts Clare|The consequences of their late-night escapade.|Juan Pablo tells Claire he doesn't think their late-night swim was fair to the other ladies -- or his daughter -- and Clare breaks down.

During the group date in Vietnam, Juan Pablo stole Clare away from the group for a little dip in his pool. Later that night, Clare snuck out and invited Juan Pablo for a swim in the ocean, an invitation he seemed happy to accept. But in the clip above, he tells Clare what they did was “unfair” and says of his daughter, Camila, that “if she sees it, I don’t think it would be that nice.” At the Women Tell All special, Kat commented on Juan Pablo’s concept of fairness: “All he talks about is being fair, and then he goes around and changes every rule that he makes.”

3. Did he really get to know the ladies?

The Whisper|Juan Pablo's unflattering words to Clare.|What Clare thought would be the most romantic moment of her life turned out to be anything but when Juan Pablo whispers to her on the Season 18 finale of The Bachelor.

During a brief moment with no cameras, Clare claims that Juan Pablo told her “that he really doesn’t know me,” followed by something of a sexual nature that straight-up offended her, especially given that is was not long before the final decision was to be made. And the week before, Andi left because of very similar reasons, saying that the night in the Fantasy Suite “…was all stories about him. Not once did he really ask anything about me.”

2. It’s OK. It’s OK.

Andi and Juan Pablo Have It Out|It's not OK.|Andi confronts Juan Pablo about their night in the Fantasy Suite, and why she's angry at him and considering going home.

At first it seemed that Juan Pablo was a calming presence for the ladies in light of the possibly awkward fact that their every move being documented by cameras -- many of the women commented on his ability to make them feel comfortable. Andi, however, eventually began to interpret that as a lack of concern for the situation. “It’s not just OK,” she said. “It’s so frustrating as a woman to hear a man say that. It just totally sounds like, you know, brush our feelings underneath the rug.”

1. His non-proposal was...well, exactly that.

Will Juan Pablo Pick Nikki?|The Bachelor has a tough decision to make.|Juan Pablo meets up with Nikki after making his decision on the season finale of The Bachelor. Will she be his new wife?

Not only did Juan Pablo not propose, as Nikki had said she hoped he would in the finale, but in that moment, he didn’t even say that he loved her. “I like you a lot,” he told her. “A LOT,” he added, emphasizing the vast amount of Like he had for her.