Remembering Gia Allemand

By Jason Leung | Aug 14th, 2013

Gia Allemand from Season 14 of The Bachelor (The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love) passed away today, Wednesday, August 14, 2013.

The swimsuit model from New York City was best known for competing for the love of pilot Jake Pavelka during the 2010 season of The Bachelor.

"Meeting guys? I'm not lucky in that aspect," Gia said on the show. Yet Gia earned rose after rose from Jake to become one of the three final Bachelorettes before he ended up choosing Tenley Molzahn and Vienna Girardi over her in the season's second-to-last episode. "I have dated such bad guys and I'm just so sick of it. Jake seems like the complete opposite of what I'm used to," Gia stated.

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Gia Allemand and Jake Pavelka on The Bachelorette, Season 14

Gia then went on to join the cast of the first season of Bachelor Pad, even though she had a boyfriend at the time. During an ABC press call for the show, Gia explained, "Well, you know I do have a boyfriend going into this. We had gotten back [together] two weeks before and we've been on and off for three years. So I just went into it with -- was trying to just be faithful to him and make friends and get close to everyone as much as I could and you know, I ended up getting closer to some people more so than others." By the end of the series, Gia revealed that she and fellow Bachelor Pad star Wes Hayden from The Bachelorette Season 5 had fallen for one another. Gia then returned for the second season of Bachelor Pad, where her Bachelor rival Vienna also competed.

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See photos of Gia Allemand from Bachelor Pad.

Gia Allemand and Wes Hayden on Bachelor Pad, Season 1.

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