Smack Tracker: Week Two

By Derek Wong Jan 14, 2014


Victoria had a few cocktails at the rooftop after party and became a little frustrated about not having one-on-one time with Juan Pablo.  Here are some quotes from the Bachelorettes that attended the group date.

"We’re all nervous.  It’s our first group date.  We all had a glass of wine to relax.  But Victoria has had several" - Nikki
"I think everyone here thinks you’re a little hammered and crazy" - Chirsty
"I am hoping and praying for her sake that she does not get one on one time with Juan Pablo.  Because in her current condition it’s just disaster written all over it." - Andi
"I think that Victoria is probably a little desperate.  She’s digging her own grave.  Makes me look better" - Kelly