Love or Hate: Chelsie

By Derek Wong Feb 18, 2014

Chelsie seemed like a front-runner following their danger date.  The danger date does not seem to have the same success that it once had in determining who would eventually be the final Bachelorette.

Chelsie was off to a great start after she bungee jumped off the bridge in Pasadena, CA with Juan Pablo.  As other bachelorettes' relationships progressed as they began traveling, Chelsie's relationship flattened out.  Chelsie was in fear of being sent home during the Rose Ceremony in New Zealand that ultimately sent Kat home.  She knew going into the Miami dates that she needed to get back on Juan Pablo's radar or she'd be the next one sent home.  Chelsie had such a positive presence in the house and the dates she was a part of.  Do you love or hate her?