Smack Tracker: Week Four

By Derek Wong Jan 28, 2014

Don't show too much energy on the group date or you may receive all the unwanted attention.  Here are their thoughts about Kat's performance on the group dance date with 2NE1.

"I wish Juan Pablo wouldn't be interested in someone who is consistently trying to the star of the show" - Chelsie
"If she'd rather stay in South Korea and be a backup dancer to 2NE1, I think she should stay." - Elise
"Kat is over the top.  There's no way that's real." - Nikki


Many of the Bachelorettes thought Sharleen would not get a rose during her one-on-one date with Juan Pablo.  Chelsie did have a valid point about their chemistry.

"I have mixed feelings about Sharleen coming back with a rose.  I can't figure out how they mesh.  She talks about how she's bored by him and they have dull conversations" - Chelsie


Clare became the focus of many of the Bachelorettes during the second group date in Seoul, South Korea.

"Oh all the crazy things you can eat in the world and she's scared of octopus?" - Andi
"Clare is the most dramatic person I’ve ever seen. Her piece was literally this big and I know you’ve swallowed bigger things than that" - Kelly
"Clare is just possessive. She had the first kiss and the first one-on-one date so she thinks he belongs to her" - Kelly




During the cocktail party before the Rose Ceremony, Clare took a more direct approach and told Nikki:

"You’re one with the girls and one with him and I don’t think Juan Pablo sees that side of you. If you were to be how you are in the house around him. I don’t see that warranting a rose." - Clare

Clare and Nikki may have a few issues to work out when everyone heads to Vietnam next week.