Smack Tracker: Week Five

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Teirra really got to some of the girls this week. She even addressed many of them in individual and group settings. Here are some highlights from these conversations below.  We can only imagine how many girls would've been angry if they knew about her extra visit during Sean's group date.
Quotes by Tierra:
"I honestly wish I was a fighter. Because I would beat the %#@! out of these girls." - Tierra
"I will bite. I am a scorppio and I do bite and my stinger does comes out when I get pissed." - Tierra
"All of them are attacking me. I am not a drama person at all." - Tierra
"I seriously want to punch everyone in that room" - Tierra

Quotes about Tierra:
"He's a good guy. He'll find who he's supposed to be with and Tierra is not the girl he's supposed to be with." - Jackie
Catherine "It's so disheartening to be in a room knowing that someone is safe to continue a relationship with him when certain things have come out that are really upsetting. I wish he could take away a rose honestly." - Catherine
Lesley "Obviously you want a girl who is fun to be around with other people. That being said, when she's around us, she's very cold. She's just not an engaging person. She doesn't have relationships with anyone in the house. She can have relationships with the women in the house and a relationship wth you." - Lesley


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