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          O Canada! As soon as I got in the car and found myself riding through the wilderness on my way to Lake Louise, I was pretty taken aback by how beautiful it really was. Instantly, beautiful green trees as far as the eyes could see and really majestic mountains surrounded me.  The best part, of course, about seeing a new place is having someone to share it with, and luckily, I still had incredible women on my journey with me.

            Banff National Park is a huge and beautiful national treasure in Canada, and the ladies and I got to stay at The Fairmont Chateau at Lake Louise, which is a beautiful, crystal-clear lake where people can basically go canoeing and hiking year round. It’s pretty incredible and to be honest I’d never really seen anything like it.

            Speaking of which, my first one-on-one date of the week took me a Catherine to another place that was unlike anything I’d ever seen. One of the coolest AND coldest days of my life took place up on the Icefields. I got to surprise Catherine by driving up in an Icefields Explorer, which is like a giant snow bus (I did have a quick lesson that morning to make sure everything went smoothly), and the look on her face was priceless. We drove up together onto the glacier and got to spend the day completely alone. It felt like we were transported back to the Ice Age and I don’t think either of us will ever forget how it felt to feel those rushing winds on that icy glacier.

            That night, I got to surprise Catherine even more with our own personal ice castle. Who gets to do this? We had a great night just hanging out by the fire and chipping pieces of the building into glasses to put in our drinks. It was snowing and beautiful and a pretty perfect way to start a week in Canada.

            I was pretty excited for the group date. But I was also a little nervous. Doing a Polar Bear Plunge has always been on my bucket list and Lake Louise was totally the perfect place for it. Is this a normal date? Not at all, but it’s a pretty amazing experience if you ever get the chance. All the girls except for Selma took the plunge with me and let me tell you, we were freezing. Freezing. Freezing. Tierra took it the worst and had to see a medic but thankfully by the time our party started that night at the Deer Lodge, she seemed much better.

            My last date in Canada was with Desiree, and it was one of those thrilling dates you can never forget. We went to Jasper National Park and indulged in a day of ice rappelling. There’s something about the crisp air and having snow all around that really makes things feel romantic. You just need to be close to someone to feel warm and so that’s exactly what Desiree and I did. Spending the evening in our little teepee was as romantic as anything else I’d done and I felt like it capped off our week perfectly.

            My first trip to Canada and Lake Louise definitely won’t be my last. Heck, I might just have to come back and jump in the lake again. But maybe this time during the summer.


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