Love or Hate: Cassandra and Kat

By Derek Wong Feb 11, 2014
Seoul South Korea

 Cassandra was sent home before the end of the group date in New Zealand.  After a very strong beginning to their relationship, Juan Pablo could not see a future with Cassandra.  Rather than making her stay another two days until the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo sent her home during the after party of the group date.

Kat was the second lucky bachelorette to receive a one-on-one date with Juan Pablo.  Their very spontaneous date that included a flight to Salt Lake City, Utah and an electric run through the city was not enough to kick-start their relatinship.  Many of the bachelorettes had their doubts about Kat and Juan Pablo because he never attempted to kiss her.  Kat tried to open up to Juan Pablo but it seemed like he already moved on by that point.  


What are your thoughts on Cassandra and Kat?  Will either of them find love?  Do you love them or hate them?