13 Signs You're a Bachelorette Fan

  • By Derek Wong

Are you addicted to The Bachelorette? If you exhibit any of the 13 signs below, then you're a superfan.


Here are the telltale signs that you're obsessed with the show. You know you're a Bachelorette fan when...


You expect every date to involve a helicopter


You believe there's no such thing as too many dudes in a hot tub


You know who these abs belong to

...and you can also score a perfect 100% in The Bachelorette's "Name Those Abs" quiz

Wherever you go, you justify that you're there for the "right reasons"


The only award show you care about is the Mr. America competition


You expect everyone to open up immediately


#Everything you know about #SocialMedia, you learned from #Kasey


You believe there ain't no party like a Bachelorette viewing party


You frequently have multiple love interests professing their love for you


A normal week has you busy kissing an awful lot of different people


You cringe at the mention of "fantasy suite" because it reminds you of Jonathan


Whenever you see a rose, you expect to see Chris Harrison lurking nearby

You were left speechless after watching this preview of the finale


Watch Desiree's entire season of The Bachelorette



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