Sensationally Spooky Halloween Decor

Sensationally Spooky Halloween Decor

10-25-11, tips & tricks, tips and tricks, clinton kelly

It’s Hallo-week at “The Chew” and Clinton’s here to show you some decorations and treats that are inexpensive, easy to make and downright scary.

Cauliflower Brain

To make this specimen, cut the stem of the cauliflower down so it has that brainy look and place it into a large jar.  Then fill the jar with tap water and add a drop of red food coloring.  Voila, a brain specimen that will entertain and disgust your guests all at the same time!  What’s better than that?

You can also use parsnips or cabbage to make this disturbing decoration.

Frighteningly Fabulous Flowers

Who wouldn’t enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers?   On any other occasion Clinton would be first person to show you how to make to lovely bouquet, but not for Halloween.  This arrangement is more creepy than charming.

To make it take a simple bouquet and add some plastic spiders and webs.  It’s sure to make your guests jump with fright.

If you don’t have any flowers around just pile some fake cockroaches on a seasonal fruits platter.  A little vermin never killed anyone!

Ghoulish Candy Graveyard

Clinton baked up a pan of brownies and covered them with chocolate cookies that were smashed into crumbs.  Then he added some gummy worms and cookie gravestones and in no time he created an edible graveyard!  Your centerpiece becomes dessert!

Disgustingly Delicious Dessert

Take green Jello in single sized servings and add some candy body parts, teeth, eyeballs and even a stray finger or two.


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