Clinton Kelly: Tips for Your Perfect Picnic

Clinton Kelly: Tips for Your Perfect Picnic

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The weather is just starting to turn, so before it’s too cold, grab a few friends or round up your family for a fall picnic.  Clinton Kelly’s here to help you plan a movable feast complete with all your favorite comfort foods.

Use a Machine Washable Blanket in a Dark Color

The dark color will hide any permanent stains.  After the picnic, pick it up and put it in the trunk.   When you get home you can just throw it into the wash.

Bring some baby wipes with you just in case the public bathroom doesn't have them.

Use a Fully Loaded Picnic Basket

Utensils, napkins, plates and servers should have their own compartments in your basket so that they are easy to find.  Also, place the items that you will need last like trash bags at the bottom.

Keep Food Hot

Use a thermos to transport soups or hot drinks.  Get creative when serving them - Clinton served his in a bread bowl.

Click here for Clinton's mulled wine recipe.

Click here for Clinton's classic tomato soup recipe.

Before you close up your picnic basket, place your blanket on top to insulate the warm foods.  This way your blanket is easily accessible.

Use Reusable Plastic, Water-Tight, Snap-Together Containers to Organize Your Food

These containers will keep your portions and courses organized, and you’ll be able to keep tabs on all the elements of every dish.  You’re toasts will never be far from your white bean dip.

Click here for Clinton's bean dip recipe.

Keep Cold Food Cold

Use the soft, portable drink cooler that you normally take to sporting events to keep perishable foods cold.



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