Clinton's Weekend Party Tips

Clinton's Weekend Party Tips

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The weekend is almost here, and it's time to party! There are a million things to think about when you're hosting a get together, and since Clinton throws parties as much as possible, he's teaching us how to entertain with style! Here are some of his easy solutions to common entertaining mistakes:

1. Avoid overhead light by using candles:

You always want to look your best when friends are coming over, and so do your guests! Help them feel comfortable by avoiding overhead light and using softer light, like candles. Just make sure if you're using scented candles to leave them in the bathroom and not near your food. Clinton's tip: Keep candles 9 inches away from edges of surfaces, and not in front of things people will reach for (or drapes)

2. Buy washcloths in bulk:

Rather than having all your guests dry their hands on the same bathroom towel, provide another option! Buy washcloths in bulk (these can be found for as little as four for $1!), roll them, tie them in a ribbon if you have time, and leave them on a tray in the bathroom for your guests to take. Just make sure to have a hamper handy where guests can put them when they're done. Once they're washed, you can use them for cleaning around the house!

3. Use a colander to strain water from ice cubes:

Keep plenty of ice handy, and make sure guests know where to get more ice in your home if it runs out. Plus, keep ice in a strainer over a bowl...the water will disappear as it melts so that your guests aren't reaching into freezing water for ice! Clinton's tip: 1 lb of ice per person, 2 lbs in the summer.

4. Leave small bowls to dispose of appetizers:

Don't leave your guests with olive pits or toothpicks from hors d'oeuvres! Nobody likes chit-chatting at a party holding a stinky shrimp tail. Leave small bowls around your home so that your guests don't have to akwardly search for the garbage. Also, put small signs near the bowl so that guests know what its for -- people won't assume it's for trash.

5. Leave your guests with a party favor:

Don't that the party's over, you want to leave your guests with a final memory of the evening. Doing a simple party favor is something people love -- for example, peanut brittle is super simple to make at home (you can get Clinton's recipe here). Place them in inexpensive plastic bags with ribbon or stickers, and you've got the perfect party favor!


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