Chew n' A:  Your Cooking Questions Answered!

Chew n' A: Your Cooking Questions Answered!

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Clinton, Daphne, Mario, Carla and Michael are here to help with even your smallest cooking or food related questions.  Here are few that were featured today on The Chew.

Lauren from Denver, Co.:

My energy level has been low since have a baby.  Do you have any suggestions for a new mom trying get to more energy?


Daphne suggested incorporating vitamin B and magnesium into her diet.  They are known to boast energy levels.  Also a daily bowl of oatmeal could help as it contains complex carbohydrates.  Clinton adds walnuts and dried cranberries to his for a little extra flavor.

Mario says that when he had his kids it helped to have his meals at the same time everyday.  It gets your body used to eating three times a day.

Vanessa from New York, N.Y.:

What should I buy at my local Italian market?


Check out which items sell the fastest because they are usually the freshest. 

Be friendly.  Get to know the butcher and he will be able to tell you which meats are the best buy and the most delicious.

Sam from Saugerties, N.Y.:

What should I do with my fresh tomatoes?  


Don't get overwhelmed.  You can pickle the green tomatoes and cook and jar the red ones.  This way you will have garden fresh vegetables the entire winter.

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