Daphne's Secrets to Successful Farmer's Market Shopping

Daphne's Secrets to Successful Farmer's Market Shopping

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Whether you’re a farmer's market regular or a first timer, Daphne Oz is here to help you better navigate the numerous stands of fresh produce, seasonal flowers and local meats.  So takes notes because these insider secrets are just the thing to help you kickstart healthy eating.

At the Produce Stand

   Try replacing your favorite meat with lentils and assorted beans for a healthy, all-natural vegetarian dish that packs all the flavor!  

   If you can buy organic, that's great. If not, make sure to wash all your fresh fruits and veggies with a simple produce wash to get rid of any remaining pesticides, preservatives, or dirt. Check out TheChew.com for at-home produce wash recipes

   Who says veggies can't be indulgent? My grandpa makes my favorite garlic-breadcrumb-and-cheese stuffed artichokes for special occasions, and they are my favorite! I still get all the great fiber of an artichoke, but it tastes like Italian heaven.  

   I try to scoop up as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible from my local farmer's market. It's a great way to support small business farmers, and the produce is likely fresher--meaning more nutrients for you!--and cheaper than it would be in your local supermarket because you're buying right from the source.

   Eggs like these that come from pasture-raised hens are loaded with Essential Fatty Acids--those good fats that keep your metabolism running high and your heart healthy. You'll notice the egg's yolk has an all-natural, bright yellow color when you crack it open, and I find it has a much richer flavor. Try using one egg and one egg yolk for a great morning omelette!

 At the Cheese Stand

   I love a good cheese plate--so many flavors, from rich-and-creamy to tangy-and-crumbly. For your next party, choose two or three different types and pair them with jams to bring out the natural salty-sweet flavor pairings. I love brie with apricot jam, or goat cheese with honey, on a toasted baguette, yum! 

   A typical breakfast in Turkey where my grandparents live is a piece of whole-grain bread, spread with a few slices of fragrant yellow cheese and drizzled with local honey. When I'm feeling extra indulgent, I'll throw it under the broiler for a couple minutes!

   When buying dairy, it's great if you can look for organic milk products from pasture-raised cows--this means old Bessie was able to spend her days chomping away on fresh grass and that her milk will have more all-natural goodness for you! 

At the Flower Stand

   I love fresh flowers, but they can get expensive. I stretch my money the extra mile by choosing one special type of flower--like my favorite peony--to showcase, and make that the focus of a bouquet by filling out the rest with inexpensive, unscented flowers like hydrangea. 

At the Butcher Stand

   I don't eat a ton of meat, but when I do, I expect it to taste great! Try cutting down to red meat only once or twice a week, but then go ahead and enjoy it paired with at least 20% fat for that great flavor. If you're going to indulge, make it count!



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