Wisdom of Oz: Stay Slim This Holiday Season

Wisdom of Oz: Stay Slim This Holiday Season

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Holiday parties can be an overeating danger zone because they’re usually filled with finger foods and snacks that can do damage to your waistline.  Also, you’re often distracted by talking and mingling, so it’s easy to eat a lot without realizing it.  Before you go to your next holiday party check out some of Daphne’s easy tips.

Tip 1: Pre-Game

First off, you should pre-game.  Whatever you do, don’t go to party on an empty stomach or you’ll attack the pigs in a blanket.  

Eat something healthy with a little fiber and protein so your stomach isn’t growling.  Try an apple or a pear with some cheese or peanut butter.  Another great option is raw almonds, Daphne likes these because you can always carry some with you.  

Tip 2: Chew Gum

Chew gum on the way into the party.  It keeps your mouth moving and your breath fresh.

Tip 3: Moderation

Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint, so moderation is key!  Think through all your eating decisions -- that bowl of mini candy bars isn’t special just because the candies have green and red wrapping.

Save room for foods that have some meaning and were homemade like your aunt Betty’s homemade chocolate layer cake.



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