Entertaining with Style: Floral Arranging Tips

Entertaining with Style: Floral Arranging Tips

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Floral arranger to the stars Olivier Giugni share some important tips about floral arranging - which now that spring's in full effect, is something we can all take advantage of!

Here are Olivier's top tips:

How to properly cut a flower stem: Contrary to popular belief, do not cut flower stems under running water. Also always cut at an angle using clippers or a very sharp knife.

Clean Off the Dead Petals: The arrangement will look more vibrant without.

Change the water every day: Cold water will slow down the speed of opening up the flowers - but warm water will get things moving!

Wrap a large leaf around the base of the bouquet: One of Olivier's signature touches is to secure a large leaf from any houseplant around the base of the bouquet before you insert it into the vase or jar. When artfully arranged, this can be quite striking!

Use the vase to help you arrange: Stand the flowers next to the vase they'll be held in. Gauging the height will help inform where to trim your flower stems, adn how to arrange them - the entire flower and stem should be the height of the vase plus one-half.


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