Workout During Your Workday

Workout During Your Workday


Most of us get to and sit down at our desks and stay there for the next eight to nine hours.  Even though you mean to get out and go to the gym, it’s often just too hard to leave that pile of papers for even an hour.

Fitness guru Harley Pasternak has got to great tips to help you get a workout during your workday.  These tips are so easy to implement that pretty soon you’ll wonder why you didn’t think them up yourself.

Tip 1: Take a Stroll

Give yourself a break in the afternoon.   Not only is it mentally helpful for you to take a break and walk away from that pile of folders, but also a great way to add some exercise to your daily routine.

Tip 2: Take the Stairs

It’s early in the morning and you’re tired.  Instead of taking the elevator try taking the stairs.  These extra steps will burn loads of calories.

Tip 3: Get a Good Parking Spot

Park on the other side of the office entrance or get off the bus a stop farther away.  This way you have to walk more.

Tip 4: Join a Gym

Try to find a gym that close to your office then you have no excuses at the beginning or end of the day.

Tip 5: Do Physical Tasks

If there’s a physical task that needs to be done at your office, do it.

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