Mario Batali's Kitchen Commandments

Mario Batali's Kitchen Commandments

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Mario Batali knows his way around a kitchen. So it's not surprising he has his own set of commandments. Take heed - these could help you out of some scrapes as they have Mario (and save you time, money and keep your food delicious)

-Honor Thy Grocer and Become Friends With Your Fishmonger: The next time they get a beautiful fillet of fish or produce order, they will call you.

-Thou Shall Cook With Fresh Ingredients As Much As Possible: There's just nothing better.

-Pesto Shalt Always Be Thick And Paste-Like...Never Thin and Liquidy: It's the way Italians do it - and no one does pesto like Italians.

-Thou Shalt Not Need More Than Three Knives: All you truly need is 9 inch chef's knife, a 4 inch paring knife and a serrated utility knife. And clean your knives to avoid rusting!

-Thou Shalt Always Make Al Dente Pasta By Cooking It One Minute Less Than The Package Recommends: Al Dente should be tender, but firm to the bite. Follow this commandment, and you'll have that.

-Remember The Last 15 Minutes of a Meal and Keep Them Sacred: In those moments, thou shalt truly enjoy the high that food provides.


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