Michael Symon Is All About Onions

Michael Symon Is All About Onions

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Michael constantly expresses his love of onions, how they are good from one end to the other, and how many different ways you can use them. Yellow onions have a rich onion taste with a strong flavor. Red onions have a mild to sweet flavor. Shallots have a more fragrant and subtle flavor than onions are perfect for sautéing and using in vinaigrettes. Finally, scallions are multi-functional, as you can cook with the bottom and garnish with the tops.

Whichever kind of onion you prefer it's important to dice and slice them properly.  Michael Symon has some insider tips on the best way to approach it.

How to Dice an Onion

Michael shows how to get a perfect dice out of an onion every time. First, cut an onion in half. Lay the flat side of the onion on your cutting board. Then, slice one large slice in the middle of the half horizontally, then slice multiple slices vertically nine tenths of the way through all the way back to the root of the onion. Finally, spin the onion back to it’s originally position and slice back through horizontally to get the perfect dice.

How to Slice an Onion

Michael shows how to get a perfect slice out of an onion every time. First, make sure to roll your fingers under and make a claw with the hand that will be holding the onion, your guiding hand. Then, start slicing the onion while your guiding hand shows you how large or how thin to cut. The better you become at slicing, the quicker you will be able to do it and the less you will cry. Onions contain sulfuric acid that burns your eyes, stimulating them to release tears to wash the irritant away.


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