Letâs Quit Smoking: Day 7

Let’s Quit Smoking: Day 7

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Michael stopped smoking a week ago and we figured we'd check in with him to see how he's doing.  Was he sneaking?  When does he crave a smoke the most?  More importantly, how does he deal with those cravings?

Question: What symptoms do you still encounter on a daily basis?

Answer: Quitting isn't easy, but I’m doing good and haven’t caved into the temptations.  

Each morning instead of smoking a cigarette I take my dog for a long walk.  It helps with the anxiety.

Nicotine dependence is part physical and part behavioral. Smoking becomes a part of an everyday routine and in Michael's case he like to smoke first thing in the morning.  As he changes his routine and continues to avoid daily triggers it will become easier and easier for him to stay smoke-free.

Question: When have you wanted a cigarette the most this past week?

Answer: The Super Bowl was tough.  I went to a few parties and some of my friends were smoking.  When they were smoking they stayed away from me which was nice.

If there's one time when these cravings could be particularly overwhelming, Super Bowl Sunday is it.  It’s hard to watch a great game with friends who smoke and not partake.  The support of friends and family is essential to successfully quitting.

Question: How do you feel now that it’s been a week?

Answer: Other than being anxious, I’m surprised how good I feel.  I thought it might affect my taste buds and change the way I taste foods.  It didn’t and I’m really glad.

Long term smoking can damage your taste buds and your ability to smell foods permanently.  According to Yahoo the bitter taste of nicotine can “override other tastes” and because it is an irritant it could “inhibit taste response.”  The chemical involved is similar to the one in chili peppers that makes your eyes water and your tongue burn.

Follow Michael’s journey to quit smoking at #letsquit.


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