Quick Fixes to Common Kitchen Problems

Quick Fixes to Common Kitchen Problems

carla hall

Mistakes, issues and disasters – we’ve all had a few in the kitchen.
Carla Hall is here is to help you turn those common mishaps into
delicious dishes.   So, don’t get stressed out because like Carla says
“it’s gonna be okay.”

Kitchen Disaster 1:  Runny Icing

You whipped up a bowl of icing, but it’s too runny to use.  Don’t
throw it away.  Carla suggests whisking in confectioner’s sugar.  Add
as much as you need until you get the desired consistency.

Kitchen Disaster 2: Grainy Chocolate

Despite you’re best efforts you’re chocolate is grainy and dull.  Try
adding hot water or cream.  This addition should give you a smooth
consistency that’s perfect for dipping.

Kitchen Disaster 3: Cracked Cheesecake

You pulled your cheesecake out of the oven and it has a crack right
down the middle.  Don’t worry, just add fresh whipped cream and
berries to the top.  The fruit and cream will give the cheesecake some
needed sweetness and you’re guest will never know about the crack.


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