Cut the Heat From Hot Chili Peppers

Cut the Heat From Hot Chili Peppers

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Today's Tip:

Nothing brings the heat quite like some hot chili peppers.  They are great until you overdo it.  Have you ever taken a big bite out of one and thought your mouth was going to go up in flames?  If the answer is yes, Carla’s got great tips to beat the heat.

The best remedy is a frosty glass of milk. Proteins in the milk block the peppers heat, and cool you off quickly.  If you don’t have any milk on hand, any dairy product will help, so a bowl of ice cream or even some buttered toast will do the trick.

Another great remedy is a spoonful of honey. The thick honey coats your tongue, relieving the pain.  So, the next time your mouth is flaming with extreme heat, use these tips to stay cool as a cucumber.

Thursday's Tip:

You’ve heard the myth about chocolate and water not mixing right?  Maybe you’ve lived through it when you were melting chocolate over a double boiler; excess water splashed into the chocolate and gave it a grainy texture.

Here’s something Carla learned during her days as a caterer: little bit of water is chocolate’s worst enemy, but a lot of water is chocolate’s best friend.  Boil some water and slowly whisk it into your chocolate until it’s smooth.

Wednesday's Tip:

Oysters are the ultimate aphrodisiac since they’re high in zinc and raise testosterone levels, but eating them can be intimidating!  Here are a few easy tips so you can actually enjoy the experience.

Shucking oysters can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so ask the seafood counter at your local grocery store to shuck them for you!  Then, ask them to save the liquid the oysters came in with the shells in a separate container.

When you get home, serve the oysters on the half shell over ice with an easy mignonette: oil & vinegar, salt & pepper, and shallots. 

How’s that for sexy?

Tuesday's Tip:

Carla shared a great tip from her grandmother.

Grandma always said, “when you’re baking make sure to pick yourself up a plastic plate scraper at the five and dime.”  What she meant was a rubber spatula, but it’s the best tool to use when you’re baking anything with batter.

When you’re transferring batter to a baking dish, use the spatula to get every last drop from the bowl.  Since it’s flexible and soft it won’t splatter the batter, plus it makes it easy to spread.

If granny was without her plate scraper, she still wouldn’t let you lick the bowl…she used her fingers!


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