Holiday Storage Solutions

Holiday Storage Solutions

1-9-12, tips and tricks

The holidays are officially over and it’s time to start packing up your favorite decor.  Instead of throwing everything back into that cardboard box we’ve got a few suggestions for organizing and storing your holiday gear.  These simple and cheap tips take minutes and will save you tons of aggravation next year.

Holiday Lights

You can buy a light keeper.  This nifty gadget keeps you lights tangle-free and comes with it’s own special bag for easy storage.

Or you can make your own light organizer.  Take a piece of cardboard and carefully wrap your lights around it.  Then place the cardboard in a labeled plastic bag and you're all set.


Christmas ornaments are one of the best parts of the holiday season.  My favorites are always the family heirloom pieces that have stories and memories attached to them.  Unfortunately, these holiday goodies are usually the first to break when you inevitable drop your box of
Christmas stuff.  Not to worry, we’ve got great tips that will help you store them properly.

The best way to keep an ornament safe from breakage is to package it back up in its original box, but let’s be honest who actually keeps those?  Not me.

Instead use a divided wine box and add some cotton or felt to each of the divided section.  Then just fill it with ornaments.


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