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The Chew celebrates and explores life through food, with a group of dynamic, engaging, fun, relatable co-hosts who serve up everything to do with food -- from cooking and home entertaining to food trends, restaurants, holidays and more -- all aimed at making life better, fuller and more fun.  It is broadcast live, weekdays, from New York City. 

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Repeat: Making Meal Magic

Hocus pocus and poof: a magical, savory dish appears! The Chew teaches you how to add magic into any recipe. Special guest Alfonso Ribeiro of ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos stops by.

35:57 07/26/16 NR

Repeat: The Chew's Summer Picnic

Grab your picnic basket and a blanket because after today you're going to be skipping out the door to have your very own picnic! We have all of your essential picnic worthy dishes! Special guest: David Muir, The Rockettes

07/11/16 PG

Chicken Around the World

Today we are takin' a trip around the world, Chicken style! We're tasting every and any kind of chicken from around the globe! Special guests: Arsenio Hall, Kelsea Ballerini

07/06/16 PG

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

1st Place goes to you! With the ultimate chicken dish, brought to you by your favorite kitchen and hosts, The Chew! You'll be clucking along with us all hour long! Special guest: Bobby Moynihan

07/05/16 PG

Repeat: May Gourmet!

No better time than May to bring out your inner gour-may! We're showing you dishes that will impress your friends and family & make you look like a pro in no time! Special guest: Bobby Flay

07/01/16 PG