Say Cheese! 12 Chew Moments We’ll Never Forget

By The Chew Crew Jul 30, 2013

Mario, Michael, Daphne, Carla and Clinton have no problem smiling for the camera.  Check it out.

12.  Mario Takes On a Cheese Grater

11.  Carla Gets Physical

10.  Daphne Wears Lunch

9.  Mario Takes a Water Break

8.  … And Then Pounds Some Meat

7.  Carla Gets Down With an Overgrown Elf

6.  Clinton Hangs with a Patriotic Bull

5.  Michael Moisturizes His Head (or something)

4.  And Gets Really Excited About Lunch

3.  Daphne's Fashion Statement: Football Shirt and Heels

2.  Denise Said Something VERY Funny

1.  Mario and Michael Dress Like Their Film Idols – Garth and Wayne