5 Decadent Cake Recipes That Don't Include Chocolate

By Ellie Sher Jan 16, 2014

Chocolate addicts, beware. We’re introducing you to a whole new type of cake: chocolate-free. Believe it or not, but these tart, refreshing stunners will, too, hit the spot. Go ahead and give them a try -- we dare you.

1. Plum Upside-Down Cake

Plum Upside Down Cake Carla Hall

Turn your dessert routine upside-down with this caramel coated vanilla plum cake. This irresistible buttermilk cake sports succulent plum slices and a decadent ginger-rum cameral sauce at its base, and is then inverted after baking. Watch how it's made, above, and then enjoy -- bottom’s up!

Get the recipe: Plum Upside-Down Cake

2. Triple Orange Cake

Triple Orange Cake Carla Hall

Thanks to orange juice, zest, and extract, this festive celebration cake achieves an intensely citrus flavor. Delicately sliced in two, the moist cake is layered with a not-too-sweet filling before being lathered with copious amounts of orange-flecked frosting.

Get the recipe: Triple Orange Cake

3. Mai Tai Rum Cake

Mai Tai Rum Cake Carla Hall

Got a thing for tropical cocktails? Transform your favorite summertime chiller into a festive dessert laden with spiced rum. Mirror the flavor profile of a Mai Tai by preparing a sweetened citrus-rum syrup and allowing it to seep into the warm cake.

Get the recipe: Mai Tai Rum Cake

4. Cornbread Cake with Brown Butter Apples

Fried Cornbread Napoleon Brown Butter Apples Mario Batali 1

Move over beef chili – you’re no longer cornbread’s only playmate. Moist cornbread is topped with a bright citrus glaze and a spoonful of soft brown butter apples. Bonus: made with a hefty dose of Greek yogurt, this baby can practically pass for breakfast… right?

Get the recipe: Cornbread Cake with Brown Butter Apples

5. Yogurt Cheesecake with Blood Orange Marmalade

Holiday Yogurt Cheesecake Pine Nut Brittle Blood Orange Marmalade Mario Batali

Each luscious bite delivers rich, creamy texture coupled with the tartness from the blood orange marmalade and a crunch from pine nut brittle. This refreshing, out-of-the-box stunner may not contain chocolate, but trust us – it’ll satisfy even your most intense sugar craving.

Get the recipe: Yogurt Cheesecake with Blood Orange Marmalade