Sweet Tooth! 5 Ooey, Gooey Desserts You Need To Eat!

By Lindsey Antis Jul 17, 2013

Get your sugar high with these tasty treats.

5. An Almond Crostata In Heaven

Not only has Brian Boitano earned countless medals for his skating, he has also mastered the art of baking with his pear almond crostata.  The combination of sweet cream cheese, flaky dough and delicious nuts make this dessert irresistible.

Recipe:Pear Almond Crostata

4. Sticky Sweet Popcorn

This caramel-y, sticky sweet snack is finger lickin’ good.  Add in your favorite toppings, like chocolate, dried fruit or nut, to personalize it.

Recipe: Sticky Sweet Popcorn


Decadent, Delicious Chocolate Mousse

Ditch your pudding pack and try this rich, velvety smooth and homemade version.  You’ll never go back to the store bought variety.

Recipe: Chocolate Mousse

2. All American Apple Pie Cheddar Crumble

It’s always a good idea to eat apple crumble.  Like right now…

Recipe: Apple Pie Cheddar Crumble

1. Ooey Gooey Guilt-Free Chocolate Brownies

These healthy-ish brownies are great if you really need that chocolate fix but you don’t want to overindulge calorie-wise.

Recipe: Fudgy Brownies