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The Chew Crew's 5 Guilty Pleasures

By Ellie Sher | Dec 30th, 2013

Think you know everything about The Chew Crew? Guess again... we've got the dirt on their guiltiest pleasures. 

1. Clinton’s Obsession: Ambrosia Salad

To Michael’s dismay, ambrosia dip tops Clinton’s list of all-time favorite foods. Best eaten by the spoonful (or bowl-ful), ambrosia dip has a pretty short shelf life, as Clinton most likely will down it before you can get your hands on it.

2. Michael’s Obsession: Bacon

Do you really need to ask what food Michael can’t resist? This pork-loving Iron Chef has a soft spot for bacon. Whether it’s wrapped around a hot dog or folded into a green gratin, this versatile pork product has a way of showing up in just about everything Michael eats.

3. Daphne’s Obsession: Banana Pudding

A newbie to the banana pudding game, Daphne’s always a member of the clean plate club when this vanilla custard dessert makes an appearance. Looking for something even more outrageous? This banana pudding cheesecake gets the job done.

4. Carla’s Obsession: A Good Ol' Pucker

Of the 35,771 desserts that Carla has consumed in her life, this tart triple orange cake cashes in on a real pucker, making it her absolute favorite dessert EVER. 

5. Mario’s Obsession: Black Truffles

It’s no surprise that Mario sports some high end taste. When he has an urge to splurge, it’s the truffle market that surges. Shave this top-notch delicacy on scrambled eggsflatbreads, or even mac and cheese for an out-of-this-world bite.

EXTRA: Grab yourself a cocktail and let us in on some of your guiltiest pleasures in the comments section.