5 Things That Are Better With Cheese

By Ellie Sher Jul 30, 2013

For those who order their pizzas with extra cheese and their pasta with a mountain of Parmesan, we can’t disagree that some dishes are just better with cheese – and lots of it. Here, are 5 creamy dishes that are guaranteed to make you melt.

1. Mac and Cheese

One variety of cheese would have sufficed. Two? Definitely. But, when gruyere, white cheddar and Parmesan come together, it’s pure bliss.  Without the cheese, a delightful pasta dish would have been born, studded with bacon and shallots and dressed with a luscious cream sauce, but do us a favor and add the cheese – we promise you won’t regret it.

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2. Banana Cream Cheesecake

A cross between banana pudding and cheesecake, this decadent dessert fulfills your sweet tooth’s greatest dreams. Give kudos to cream cheese for the melt-in-your-mouth texture, and top with a dollop of freshly whipped cream for an even creamier finish.

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3. Shrimp with Tomato and Feta

Who says seafood and cheese must be kept apart? While it may be an unconventional pairing, sweet shrimp and salty feta work together flawlessly. Sprinkle the cheese over the cooked shrimp and savory tomato sauce and broil until it’s melted and golden.

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4. Parmesan-Dusted Corn on the Cob

Looking to make the most of corn season? Grill your ordinary ears of corn until they develop a nice char, and then slather them in a honey-mayo mixture followed by a healthy dusting of Parmesan cheese. Finish with a sprinkle of mint and red pepper flakes for some Italian flair.

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5. Apple Pie with Cheddar Crumble

Sharp cheddar is a go-to pairing for tart apple slices, so give your Thanksgiving classic a makeover with the addition of a cheddar cheese crumb topping. Play up this sweet and savory combo by adding cheddar to the pie crust to complement this irresistible topping.

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