6 Satisfying Breakfasts

By Ellie Sher Jul 25, 2013

Wake up your taste buds with these 6 outrageous breakfast dishes. These satisfying picks will start your day off right, even if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

1. Toaster Tarts

Take breakfast to the next level with these homemade pastry pockets filled with your choice of tart strawberry jam or a decadent banana-chocolate hazelnut combo. Bonus: the pastry dough can be made in advance and stored in the freezer until ready to bake. Simply pop in the oven when you’re craving a sweet start to the day, and bake until they’re warm, flaky, and golden brown.

Get the recipe: Toaster Tarts 

2. Super Green Smoothie

While these fruity shakes aren’t quite the boozy brunch cocktail you had in mind, we guarantee they’ll jumpstart your day. Loaded with baby spinach and chia seeds, these frozen sips contribute an added boost of Vitamin A, Iron, and Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet.

Get the recipe: Super Green Smoothie 

3. Steak and Eggs with Hash Brown Waffles

From waffles and pancakes, to scrambled eggs and pastries, breakfast encompasses a wide range of dishes. But, why settle for one when you can have them all in this waffle meets sandwich delight? Hash brown waffles are topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, juicy strip steak, and drizzled with a creamy cheddar sauce.

Get the recipe: Steak and Eggs with Hash Brown Waffles 

4. Banana Blueberry Muffins

Banana Blueberry Muffin Carla Hall 1

Rise and shine with these bountiful blueberry muffins, chock-full of fresh fruit and hearty oats. Made with a hint of vanilla almond milk, these delightful breakfast pastries take on a slightly nuttier flavor than their competition. Serve with fresh berries and a glass of OJ and consider breakfast done.

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5. Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Impress your guests with this sophisticated brunch dish, consisting of baked eggs nestled in a rich tomato sauce and dusted with Parmesan cheese. Cook until the egg whites have set and the yolks are still runny, and serve with a pull of crusty bread to soak up every inch of this luscious sauce.

Get the recipe: Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce 

6. Cinnamon Swirl French Toast

Made with cinnamon bread and a healthy drizzle of maple syrup, these sweet slices are simple enough for a weekday meal and festive enough for a weekend breakfast in bed. Got a little helper? Assign your sous chef to the bread soaking, while mom heads up the cooking process.

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