Catching Up With Allison Fishman Task Over Decadent Desserts

By The Chew Crew Jan 17, 2013
Cooking Light's Allison Fishman stopped by today to help The Chew crew whip up some inexpensive, tasty and healthy desserts. While she was here she shared some of her top-notch storage tips.

From chocolate pudding pops with Bailey's to Mexican chocolate pudding, you're sure to love all these tasty desserts.  The best part is they are simple to make and low in calories.  Check them all out here.

While she was here, she also shared some of her favorite tips for storing leftovers and breathing new life into them after the first day.  When she packages hers, she always uses flat containers which makes them easier to fit into the fridge.  Then when cooking with them she tries to find a way to change the texture.  This makes them more interesting.