More to Chew On: Cheese Fondue

By The Chew Crew Jan 15, 2013

Cheese could star in just about any role and we would consider it a winner. Warm, melted cheese, especially, in the form of fondue is always a crowd-pleaser. In honor of The Chew’s unconditional love for cheese, we've outlined proper fondue etiquette for your next fondue soiree:

Fon-DO’s and Fon-DON’Ts

1. DO take turns dipping

If you're hosting a large group, establish a dipping rotation so that each person around the pot gets an equal number of turns. No one wants to be gypped from their fair share of this melted cheese delight!

2. DON’T let the fondue fork touch your mouth

Avoid letting the fondue fork touch your mouth to prevent the spread of germs. If you prefer that your guests do not use the fork as their primary utensil, supply plates and silverware, and specify that the fondue fork is meant only for transporting the bread from pot to plate. 

3. DO drip… OVER the pot

It’s inevitable that melted cheese is going to drip. Try to contain your mess by letting your fork-full of fondue drip over the pot, rather than across the host’s table.

4. DON’T leave a man behind

If you drop a piece of bread while you’re dunking, fish it out before the next person takes a turn. According to Swiss tradition, if a man eating fondue in a restaurant drops his bread in the pot, he must buy the next round of drinks. If a woman is the culprit, she must kiss each man at the table!

Another fondue tip to consider: think outside the bread basket. To a certain respect, bread is the classic vehicle for fondue, but in another world, the items you’re dipping can be more unique. Consider an assortment of breads, crackers, vegetables, or meats -- all will make delicious accompaniments to your melted cheese fondue.