More to Chew On: What's In Your Fridge

By The Chew Crew Jan 24, 2013

Most of us go to the market, pick up a number of ingredients and then forget about some of them while they live in the fridge.  If fact 30% of Americans currently have moldy food in their fridge right now according to Food & Nutrition Magazine.

Even more interesting is that the majority of Americans don't clean their fridge until something triggers them to act like a spill or an unpleasant odor.

When deciding what your should purchase next keep in mind that a study from Harvard found that people who keep a diet high in fruits and vegetables tend to be calmer, happier and more optimistic about the future.  Researchers analyzed the blood levels of 1,000 participants and found that those who had a high level of carotenoids (found in fruits and veggies) had a sunnier disposition than those who didn’t.

All in all, we suggest keeping your fridge clean, full of fruits and veggies and most importantly knowing what's in it.