More to Chew On: Egg Preferences

By The Chew Crew Jan 28, 2013

Do you take your eggs scrambled? Maybe you prefer them fried over lightly toasted bread? According to a new study, your egg preferences can predict your personality. Researchers from Mindlab International interviewed over 1,000 adults, studying how they took their eggs in the morning, and this is what they found:

If you like them poached… you’re more likely to be older, happier, and have a good sense of style.

If you like them fried… you more likely to have the highest sex drive of all egg eaters!

If you like them boiled… you’re more likely to be carless, impulsive, and disorganized.

If you like them scrambled… you’re more likely to be guarded and introverted.

If you like them in an omelet… you’re more likely to be reliable, well-organized, and great at offering advice.

How do you take your eggs? Do your egg preferences fit your personality?